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New Database

We are always looking to make our work easier and yours too.  So we are working on ways that will enable our customers to enter their jobs onto our database to make our service more streamlined.  Not that we aren't already very efficient! Our customers to see the jobs they have booked and when they will be completed. Once logged in you the customer will see only your jobs, and with our new feature, you will see the progress on your jobs.  The driver is able to mark each job as complete as he is doing them, this updates in real time.  He can also take pictures and submit any comments about the job. We do ask that you enter your jobs before 4.30pm so that we can schedule them for the next day.  We do understand that life happens and you may not have got the information to us on time, so we can if humanly possible, add jobs to our schedule, if the driver has not passed your job or area and if we are given ample warning.  However, we will schedule your job for the next day if we cannot do it on the day you require. We have made it super easy to enter your data for your job requests, and we have based it on your previous data as to the fields and content that we require.  Its all still the same, instead of sending us an email, you can now log in to our website to enter this data. If you have any questions or queries, please call, and I am sure we will be able to help you.
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